Exit Coal Now !


Why Exit Coal Now ?

Because it’s good for our health and good for the climate !

Quick Win towards +1.5C target : list of countries and their commitments

Exit Coal Now!

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In 2016, the entry into force of the Paris Agreement was a gamechanger !

So are we at Saving Our Planet...



Happy New Year 2018 !

Paris, Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

ExitCoalNow extends its best wishes to the world: peace and deep decarbonation for a safer and cleaner world thanks to coal exit acceleration in many countries (as shown in our list of countries and their commitments). .

2017 was a rehearsal of a great year to come, 2018 being the last year when decisions can be made to ensure we can go back to the Climate Green Zone (300-350 ppmCO2) in time before Climate Change gets out of hand, leading to cascading climatic catastrophes, due to positive feedbacks (whereby the consequences of a chain of catastrophic events increase the risks and amplify the causes of the next catastrophic events). Each year that we do not reduce emissions of CO2 drastically from now on (at least 5% per year to keep Global Warming under +2°C, or 7% to reach the Paris Agreement ultimate goal of +1.5°C max) makes us miss the objective by +0.1°C.

Yes: that's 0.1°C extra global warming per lag year from 2018 on. So we must act now for two urgent reasons: climate and health. Coal power plants threaten both: please sign the petition here and please write your email address when you sign up to receive more updates during this critical year.


Press release

Paris, Saturday, September 9th, 2017

ExitCoalNow releases the list of countries which have pledged to exit coal power

... and those which have not yet taken responsibility for global warming, which amplifies catastrophic storms, droughts, floods, sea level rise, ecosystem destruction... If you think that your country should exit coal, ask your national and local government officials to do so. Send them a direct message, email or letter and tell them what you stand for. For instance:
Please sign the petition and pledge to shut down coal power plants much earlier than 2050, to protect people's health and mitigate climate change, and add our country (and more countries) to the top of the list published by ExitCoalNow here: https://ExitCoalNow.org/ECNlist.html


Press release

Paris, Monday, August 21st, 2016

2016 : hottest year, third straight record, the 16 warmest years on record, since 100 000 years, all happened in the 21st century. Time for Climate Action Now !

We need to lower CO2 emissions by 7% per year in order to achieve the Paris Agreement goals. This will be possible only if coal power plants are shut down fast and replaced by new, less polluting power plants. This has been done by several countries in the recent past : France, Norway, Sweden... will other countries follow ? Let's help them to !
Please sign the #ExitCoalNow petition on: https://www.change.org/p/high-level-climate-champion-cop23


Press release

Paris, Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Saving Our Planet @COP22 : Exit Coal Now / Sortir Du Charbon

Exit Coal Now : YES W.E. C.A.N. : World Emergency on Climate Action Now

1. Exit Coal Now requires emergency decisions at COP22 in Morocco (November 7th-18th)

2. What is the importance of COP22?

3. What does SOP want Delegates to agree at COP22?

Start with Exit Coal Now ! #ExitCoalNow #SortirDuCharbon

What can I do individually ?

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4. Why Exit Coal?

Quick Win towards +1.5C target

Exit Coal Now!

After COP22, we’ll take some time for debriefing our actions and your feedback.
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